Learn How to Check if a Debt Counsellor is Registered


In today’s fast-paced world, managing finances can be a daunting task. For those who find themselves overwhelmed with debt, seeking the assistance of a qualified debt counsellor can provide a path towards financial freedom. However, it is crucial to ensure that the debt counsellor you choose is registered and authorized by the appropriate regulatory body to avoid falling victim to scams. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of verifying whether a debt counsellor is registered, using the example of our trusted Registered Debt Counsellor, Bernidene Thieroff.

Step 1: Visit the National Credit Regulator’s Website

The first step to verifying a debt counsellor’s registration status is to visit the official website of the National Credit Regulator (NCR) at www.ncr.org.za. The NCR is responsible for regulating the South African credit industry and maintaining a list of registered debt counsellors.

Step 2: Access the Registrants Tab

Once you are on the NCR’s website, navigate to the “Registrants” tab. This section contains all the necessary information regarding registered credit providers, credit bureaus, and debt counsellors.

Step 3: Select “Debt Counsellors” Tab

From the Registrants tab, click on the “Debt Counsellors” section. This will direct you to the page containing a comprehensive list of all the registered debt counsellors in South Africa.

How to verify whether a debt counsellor is registered, using the example of our trusted Registered Debt Counsellor, Bernidene Thieroff NCRDC 764

Step 4: Perform a Search

To find the specific debt counsellor you are interested in verifying, use the search box provided on the page. You can enter relevant keywords such as the debt counsellor’s name or the business name associated with them.

Example: Verifying Bernidene Thieroff’s Registration

Let’s use our trusted Registered Debt Counsellor, Bernidene Thieroff, as an example. Enter “Bernidene Thieroff” in the search box and click the search button.

Step 5: Review the Results

Upon performing the search, you should find a detailed record of the debt counsellor’s registration status. It will clearly state whether the debt counsellor is registered, qualified, and approved by the National Credit Regulator.

Understanding the NCRDC Number:

As part of the registration process, each debt counsellor is assigned a unique NCRDC number, which holds essential information about their registration.

NCRDC stands for National Credit Regulator Debt Counsellor, indicating that the number belongs to a registered debt counsellor.

The digits following NCRDC provide specific information:

  • The first three digits represent the NCR’s registration category.
  • The remaining digits (in this case, 764) are unique to the registered debt counsellor.

In our example, Bernidene Thieroff’s NCRDC number is NCRDC764, indicating that she is a registered debt counsellor approved by the National Credit Regulator.



Ensuring that your debt counsellor is registered and authorized by the National Credit Regulator is essential for protecting yourself from potential scams and receiving legitimate financial assistance. By following the steps outlined in this guide and understanding the NCRDC number, you can confidently choose a reliable debt counsellor like Bernidene Thieroff to guide you towards a debt-free future. Remember to stay informed and vigilant when it comes to managing your finances, and always seek help from legitimate and registered professionals.

Registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCRDC764)

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Bernidene Thieroff

Bernidene Thieroff

CEO/ Registered Debt Counsellor : NCRDC764

Among the seasoned professionals in the debt counselling industry is Bernidene Thieroff (NCRDC764), a Registered Debt Counsellor with over 16 years of experience. Her extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise have made a significant impact on the lives of numerous individuals and families struggling with debt.

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